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  • What time do doors open for the event?
    Doors open on both days at 9.30am and those who purchased 'Early Entry Tickets' will be granted entry at that time. Those who purchased 'General Entry Tickets' will be granted access to the event at 11am.
  • Can I purchase tickets at the door?
    Due to limited availability of tickets, we cannot guarantee there will be some available at the door and we recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance.
  • Is this event age restricted?
    No, this event is not age restricted, however, all children 12 and under require adult supervision. Any damages to vendor or venue property by an attendee will result in the child's parent or guardian being held accountable.
  • Will vendors accept card?
    Although we can't speak for all vendors, we recommend you bring cash to avoid disappointment, as attendees to other events we always make sure to bring both!
  • Will I be able to purchase Food and/or Drink at the Venue?
    Yes, the City North Hotel will be providing a range of hot food and snacks for purchase.
  • Does the venue have any accessibility restrictions?
    No, it does not. If you have any queries or requests in terms of accessibility, contact us at
  • Are there toilets at the venue?
    Yes, of course.
  • Can I leave after entry and re-enter?
    Of course you can, once you initially scan your ticket you'll be given a wristband allowing you to enter and re-enter the venue.
  • I purchased tickets, but can't find them
    When you purchased tickets for the event, you would have received an email confirmation. If you can't find this email we recommend checking your Spam/Junk.
  • Do children require a ticket for this event?
    Yes, any children over the age of 3 require a valid ticket for this event. Children under the age of 3 go free!
  • I am a carer for an attendee, do I also have to purchase a ticket?
    No you do not, in the event you are a carer for an attendee, please email us at with the subject line 'Carer Pass Request' along with any supporting documentation you may have.
  • I purchased a ticket but cannot attend the event, can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for this event.
  • I think I purchased a scam ticket, what do I do?
    Please note all of our tickets are sold through Tito and our own website. We recommend avoiding resale tickets to avoid disappointment. We do not and will not sell tickets through email or direct message conversations or on any other website for this event.
  • Does IGM have a policy in place for those harassing cosplayers?
    Yes we do! We have a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to the harassment of cosplayers, this also includes direct unwanted photographs of a cosplayer. IGM reserve the right to remove an attendee from the venue in violation or suspected violation of harassing an event attendee. Cosplay is not consent. Please respect the privacy of our amazing attendees.
  • Is there any Cosplay Restrictions?
    Accessible toilets are to be used for their designated purposes and not as changing rooms. Wheeled footwear (heelies, roller blades, roller skates, etc.) are not permitted. No offensive/overly revealing clothing or costumes are permitted. Any cosplays worn must cover at least the same as a modest bikini/swimsuit, failure to do so will result in event staff asking you to 'cover up'. Suitable footwear must always be worn, bare feet are not permitted. Individuals caught misusing props in a way that poses a threat to fellow attendees will face confiscation of their props until the conclusion of the event. If you intend to incorporate airsoft guns or pellet guns as props, they must be unloaded and demonstrated as nonfunctional. The use of projectile weapons is strictly prohibited.
  • [Masquerade] Can I apply as a duo?
    No, this masquerade is for solo entrants only, we are open to the idea of duo/trio/group masquerades in the future.
  • [Masquerade] Is there a minimum age to take part?
    Yes, all applicants must be 16 or over.
  • [Maquerade] Will you have a cosplay masquerade for kids on the day?
    Yes, we want to celebrate cosplay at a young age so we may have a small group ceremony for children.
  • [Masquerade] Do I need to have made my cosplay to enter?
    No, we're not tracking the % made. Our goal is to keep it open to all cosplayers.
  • What tournaments will be at IGM Summer?
    Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 will be the tournaments featured at IGM Summer. For more information visit :
  • I have already purchased an event ticket. Can I compete in the tournament?
    Yes. If you have already purchased a ticket please contact us with your ticket details and we will talk you through tournament signups. A code will be provided for you to purchase just your tournament entry on
  • Where do I check in for the tournament?
    You will come through the normal event entrance and we will have a place for you to check in.
  • What time will the tournaments start?
    Start times will be available closer to the event as all entrants have to be seeded and accounted for. Signups close on the 8th of July and official brackets will be available from the 9th. Tournament game times will be available after this. Note: The tournament area will be open for play and practice in from 11am.
  • I have bought a ticket to IGM Summer. Can I go watch the tournaments?
    Yes. Everyone who puchases a ticket to IGM Summer can go view the tournaments on Saturday 13th of July in the Tournament Zone.
  • When is the IGM SUMMER SHOWDOWN Tournaments?
    Tournaments will take place on Sat 13th of July ONLY.
  • Can I bring my own equipment for the tournament (Controllers, peripherals)?
    Yes. You can bring your own equipment for tournament play. All equipment must be checked by a member of staff before used in the tournament to ensure no foulplay or advantages.
  • What is Irish Gaming Market?
    Irish Gaming Market or 'IGM' is one of Ireland's newest gaming and pop culture events. We hosted our very first event in November in 2023. It was started initially with the idea to give gamers a place to shop both old and new but has since evolved to engage pop culture and anime enthuasists and attracted talented artists and crafters onto our market floor! We then built our event around the market floor, nurturing a place to shop, game and cosplay! With consoles and gaming vans you can play your favourite games on when you're not shopping, or take a trip back in time on retro arcade machines in our retro zone. Cosplayers both new and experienced walk the floor, some competing in our live show competitions more commonly known as a 'cosplay masquerade'. There's something for everyone at IGM and we'll continue to evolve the event based on what our attendees want and would like to see!
  • When is Irish Gaming Market?
    The next IGM, #IGMSummer takes place on July 13th and 14th in City North Hotel in Co.Meath.
  • Where is Irish Gaming Market?
    The next IGM, #IGMSummer takes place in City North Hotel in Co.Meath.
  • How do I apply to be a trader at Irish Gaming Market?
    We email all vendors on our vendor mailing list the day we open our vendor applications, which is usually shortly after our event reveal. Vendors are 'locked in' and spots are paid for months in advance of the actual event, however, in certain circumstances vendor spots can become available so vendors on our waiting list can be given the opportunity to avail of this spot. For more details on how to join our vendor mailing list, please visit our 'Market' page.
  • How can I contact the IGM Team?
    You can contact the IGM Team by emailing :

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Irish Gaming Market : Summer Edition

13th & 14th July 2024

📍 Location :  City North Hotel, Gormanston, Co.Meath 📍

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